Did You Know Forums Can Bring You 50% of Your Visitors?

Surprisingly forum marketing can bring in up to 50% of your visitors. Set it up correctly and work it regularly for great results. Also the viewers are very relevant visitors as they have chosen that particular forum because of the match to their interest. So if you also make a close match there is every chance the visitors will be looking for what you have to offer. So this is an excellent way to build your list of future purchasers. Can it get better than that for a little bit of work?

So what is the correct way to set up your forum marketing? First type into Google your niche then type the word forum and see what turns up, you may have to re-word your chosen niche keyword slightly to get the best choices but you should end up with a number of forums to select from. Ten forums would be a good number if you have time to add several posts daily to each forum you like the look of.

Sign up and join each forum you feel is a good match. This is usually free. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully as they are all different and you don’t want to be banned for a silly error. You will find how soon you can add posts and new threads, and also a signature (with a link back to your website). Your aim is to answer questions and ask your own regularly. Your posts should be informative helpful and interesting. Find the answer to questions by Googling and research. You will learn a lot and become known as an expert in your niche, which will increase traffic to your website. Others will answer your questions and help you too. Forums are like an online community.

Each entry gives you an opportunity to introduce your website squeeze page where you can offer a useful gift in return for their email address. Give an E-book on something connected to your niche. These email addresses will become your “list” of prospects that you are able to email various affiliate offers and tips to regularly.

If you imagine making 10×3 posts daily, therefore 30×30 = 900 by the end of the month, this could be over 10,000 at the end of a year, you can see how your contacts grow. Especially as people continue to read the threads long after they were posted. Posts will grow over the following weeks as other peoples comments are added. Also have you noticed some posts become really popular and read by hundreds of people. Look at a big forum like the Warrior Forum.

In order to make this forum marketing work post regularly and see the difference. People will look out for your comments and your reputation will grow.

To speed up your progress you may want to combine this with other methods for example paid advertising, whilst organic advertising continues to grow naturally.