Top Home Business Ideas – 3 Methods For Building Website Back-Links

If you want your website pages to rank high on some of the search engines, you must increase your website back-links; some of the best strategies to consider are article marketing, directory submission and posting in forum.

Submitting your articles

Article marketing is a top home business idea to build your website back-links. Articles are excellent contents that get your web-pages higher in the search engines; you need to do this task regular or at best weekly. Article marketing can really boost the traffic to your website. If you place your articles in the relevant categories in e-zine or article marketing websites, you can have several back-links pointing back to your website.

It is recommended that you do article marketing for the long-term success of your website business; you can automated this task. This is the process of allowing an article submission site to distribute your articles to more websites. This will get your online business pages on high rank websites, and with more links pointing back to your website will increase your own website.

Submit your web-pages to online business directories

Submitting your home business web-pages to online business directories for building back-links are another top home business idea. if your only interests are getting one-way links then you should search and find those sites that will give you a one-way link. you might have to contact the website owners for a specific page link. you can have these tasks automated as well through directory submission sites.

Submitting your website to online directory is a recommended top home business idea for long-term results. If you are on a low-budget you can do this task manually and you will have to do this on a regular basis. Submitting your site description to several online directories can be time-consuming; therefore, you should focus on doing some of these tasks using automation service.

Posting in relevant forums

Another top home business idea is posting your link on relevant forum sites. you can build up some unique visitors and back links, considering you are doing it correctly. you probably know that forum is a must for all online business prospects and there is long-term benefit. You have to build a good network with all active forums before you can ever think of posting links/ads. you can post your website or blog link in some forums and this is how you begin to get your one way-links.

You need to search online and register with forums related to your online home business niche. The more original your offers are the better your traffic will be. You can get visitors from forum by inviting other members to check-out your new product launch or business ideas. In some forums, there are opportunities to partner or JV with other members; this is a good promoting method that will build your website back-links.

Affiliates: 5 Signs Your Business Looks Unprofessional


1. Does your email address accurately represent your business? Do you have a free email address from one of numerous free email providers? Using a free email address not only looks unprofessional, it screams I do not care enough about my business to invest $2 a month for a private email address. It is very simple to sign up for a domain name with the ability to create email address at your company’s web address.


2. Using a free blogging platform is like using a free email. Web hosting is extremely cheap for anyone who is seriously attempting to start a profitable online business. Websites give your customer a place to go to learn about your company, your product, and potentially decide to choose your company. Imagine your potential customer tries to research your product, but can not seem to find it online. Instead, she/he searches for your competitor, finds them, likes it, and makes the purchase.

Social Media

3. I am not going to ramble about the importance of Social Media because you already know how important it is. Instead I’m going to tell you how you are incorrectly managing your online profile. Restrict yourself and your friends from posting unprofessional comments around your business pages. Do not publicize unprofessional photos or images of your self on your Facebook profile. Always be respectable in your online appearance. It will reflect your brand. Building trust for your brand is one of the most important things in any market.


4. Do not spam your services on every forum. Instead try writing powerful tutorials on different forums in your niche. It is okay to include a link in your signature, but use your words wisely. Make sure the link text is enticing for the people who are reading the forums. Be useful on the forums! Remember, the useful image will reflect on your brand.

Customer Service

5. Last, but not least, make outstanding customer service your number one priority. Respond to the comments on your blog or website. Answer as many questions as you can! Your customers are the ones paying your bills.

Why Do Your Website Advertising With Free Business Advertising Forums?

If you are on a shoe string budget and don't have the money to pay for online advertising, then you are definitely going to be looking to get your free ads out on to the internet. There are many great places to achieve this, such as free classified sites and advertising forums. Free classifieds are great sites, however they are limited in what information you can and cannot post on them. However free business advertising forums are far greater to get that free exposure for your website or product. And here are the reasons why.

Depending on the ads site you are using, many sites will allow you a hyperlink with anchor text to your website or product (something that is not always possible to achieve on free classifieds sites). This can usually be achieved by placing your hyperlink in your signature below your name. Also there are many sites that will allow you to also place a few hyperlinks (usually 2-3 is acceptable) within the main body of your text.

However, this being said it is vital that you don't link spam, the moderators of the forum, as well as the search engines will dislike this, and you may have your adverts deleted from the forums and not indexed by the search engines.

Therefore using forums with your hyperlinks is a great method to back-link to your website. Here it is important to then consider using keywords that you have researched which are highly relevant to your niche. This will also help to increase your ranking on the search engines for your chosen keywords. Keyword research is another topic not covered within the scope of this article and if you are interested in finding out more, there are many great articles available here on this site for you to research further.

Another reason why it is great to use free business advertising forums is that if you are familiar with HTML or BB coding, which are really simple and easy to learn, then you are able to really customize the look and feel of your adverts (something that is really limited on the free classifieds sites). You are able to post pictures of your products, embed video and sometimes even add a limited amount of scripts within your adverts. However the availability of these various functionalities will vary from site to site.

Search engines love forums and they are crawled regularly, so if you have an advert that is designed well around your chosen keywords you could have your advert appearing within the top 10 results of Google and other search engines within a day, which is a fabulous reason as to why you should be doing forum marketing.

The other benefit of forum marketing is that you can post full length articles to a forum, and are not limited by word length (something that definitely happens on free classifieds sites). You also open yourself up to discussion with potential customers or visitors to your site, because that is what forums were originally intended for; open discussion. So it is vitally important that you stay subscribed to the threads you create with an email address that you regularly check. You definitely do not want to be missing out on questions and interest on your adverts.