Forum Marketing: Can You Advertise?

Forum marketing is a great place for advertising your business. However it needs to be done carefully or you could get banned from the forum. Make sure that you always read the forum rules before you start your marketing campaign.

Once you understand the rules you can begin to advertise. There are two ways that you might be able to advertise on a forum – indirectly and directly.

First of all let’s talk about the indirect method.

Most forums allow you to add a signature to your profile. This is usually a sentence or two that describes something that will be helpful to people on the forum. It might be a helpful quote for example, or it might send visitors to a helpful or funny video. However as a marketer you need to use this signature to indirectly advertise your business.

So how can you do that? You can use your signature to give away something that people on the forum will want. In order for them to get that free gift they need to sign up to your email campaign. Once they are in your email campaign you can then promote and advertise your products as well as providing ongoing help.

Therefore you are using your signature to indirectly advertise your business and this method works very well with forum marketing.

Now let’s think about direct methods. You will find that some forums in your niche allow forum members to advertise on the forum. This might be in the form of a banner or a text ad. You will need to pay for this type of advertising and therefore you need to consider whether it is worth doing.

If you have built up a good reputation on the forum and people begin to recognise your name then advertising in this way could work well for you if you make it clear that the banner or text ad is connected to you – so you put your name or username on it.

There are also forums that have a particular section dedicated to promoting offers. Again you will probably need to pay to promote your product but it can be a very good way of making sales as well as building your list if you have an opt in box as part of your sales process.

I would recommend using your signature first of all to indirectly advertise your business and as your reputation increases and you become known as an expert in the forum you can then begin to advertise using any direct methods that are available to you on that forum.

Big Money Forum – All In One Multi-Business Resource

The average person may now learn how to build and market a real estate business, trade stocks, find jobs and create their own home business. At the same time, they can now receive advice for legal issues, credit and insurance issues.

Big Money Forum has hundreds of business related online community forums developed for newly starting businesses as well as the established in the richest industries.

According to the creators, this service was developed to provide the average person with advice on making money in the biggest industries in the world. “Many people already know that these are the industries to make the quickest money but they just don’t know how and the resources are slim, which is why this forum was created”.

The heart of this service is it’s highly in-depth community boards that connect experts in the stock market, real estate, online businesses and marketing with people who are inexperienced and would like advise in making money and starting a business. A career forum also connects job vacancies and people who are looking for jobs in each state and at the international level.

Big money provides valuable tools for businesses and consumers such as legal advice, credit issues and insurance information. “These tools are not necessarily limited to business use; they can be used by the average citizens who need help in protecting themselves and their property”.

What is remarkable about this forum is it’s vast size and numerous opportunities for an average person to get rich. “This forum is like an online business school and could provide great learning materials for not just one business practice, but for many other businesses on the side. I can also ask a lawyer in any practice a question specifically for my business in my state. I can ask an insurance agency how I can protect my business and I can even get credit advice to fund my business whether it’s building a home, getting a credit card or even starting a business. It’s just wonderful.” says one visitor. “This forum is different than others because it goes deep into many industry discussions rather than just a single industry and these are some of the biggest industries on Earth yet I’m able to get local information in the forums for each state.”

Reportedly, anyone can register for free and businesses can promote their own advice and services and build a reputation on the forum. Stock brokers and traders can promote their own stocks and watch lists to help others and build up a higher experience level. The number of opportunities for any business to promote their experience in their field and build a reputation is nearly unlimited.

That’s not all, homeowners may also post their house up for sale online and job seekers can post their resumes online. Freelance workers can actually get an instant job on the freelance forum for business marketing and development. This has helped out one small business owner’s budget, “Now I don’t have to pay a salary for writers and webmasters, I can find one at the freelance forum who can fit into a shoestring budget and I can pay as little as five dollars for a small writing job I need done. If I ever wanted a full time worker, I can find someone looking for a job in my state as well. It’s just a one stop big business resource”.

Big money forum was designed for anyone wanting to make money in the industries that produce the most millionaires and also help people stuck in business roadblocks. The creators had one last tip for visitors, “Because of the shear amount of topics, folks would be encouraged to explore all the forums to really witness the scope of this project.”